Famous Black Mathematicians

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In marking Black History Month, Westhampton Beach High School math students have been studying famous African American mathematicians.  As part of the project, the students watched the film “Hidden Figures,” and then each selected a mathematician to research. 

“Students are learning about the great accomplishments of these men and women and what they have achieved in the fields of mathematics and science,” said math teacher Kristen Regan.

Once their projects are complete, the students will present them using Buncee, a multimedia app from a Long Island-based company.  

Successful Community Read

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Westhampton Beach Middle School recently hosted a well-attended community read event surrounding the book “Eleven” by Tom Rogers. 

Held at the school, the annual event culminated a monthlong community read of the work and featured a Skype talk with the author. Students and community members were able to ask Rogers about his writing and his life. 

“Hands-down, this is one of my favorite evenings of the year,” said Principal Charisse Miller. “It is tons of fun filled with learning.”  

Gliding to Good Heath

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As part of their physical education class, Westhampton Beach Middle School sixth graders enjoyed a day of outdoor ice skating at Buckskill Winter Club in East Hampton on Feb. 12. For many students, it was the first time they experienced the winter activity.  

Sharing love on Valentine’s Day

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Westhampton Beach Elementary School students were full of kind words on Valentine’s Day as they completed a variety of educational projects. They made giant hearts filled with compliments to give to their classmates, designed Valentine’s Day cards and, at the kindergarten level, worked on their writing skills by drawing on hearts using the “at” word family, such as cat, bat, sat, and sight words. 

Black History Lesson

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AP U.S. History students at Westhampton Beach High School recently marked Black History Month by researching the Negro Baseball League and creating projects to display what they learned. Along with team names and player information, the projects explored the discrimination that the league members had faced.